Hypnosis for Frigidity: Overcome Your Loss of Sexual Desire

lack of sexual desireIt seems that we see advertisements claiming a quick fix or cure for erectile dysfunction. From late night television to e-mail spam we’re a accosted with ways that men can enlarge and sustain an erection. But what about women? It seems that frigidity is an untouched subject, a private taboo topic that leaves women who suffer from this disorder wondering “is it me?”.

What we fail to realize with frigidity is that it almost always stems from one of two things. Either the woman suffering was abused in some way or it comes from fear. Now this fear could be based in anything from guilt, to self-hatred and body dysmorphia. You may not necessarily be afraid of sex but are instead afraid of the vulnerable state it leaves your body in when you choose to be intimate with someone else.

You may feel lost and alone. Maybe your potential lovers have accused you of just not wanting to be intimate or of being a tease. These insults and jabs can seriously begin to weigh on your mind and your emotional health. But there is a reason and there is a cure.

With hypnosis, no matter what that reason is for your frigidity, we can break through. If you were abused or molested, hypnosis will actually go back and reframe the traumatic experience(s). If it is out of fear, self-hatred, etc. we will remove the negative thoughts and the anxiety through hypnosis sessions.  Your mind will literally change the thoughts that you had before, making you feel that you can overcome anything no matter how terrifying or unappealing it was to you before.

Don’t deprive yourself of a healthy sex life, it’s possible and it’s easier than you think it will be.

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  1. hi, I have a friend, she is 30 year old and have never felt sexual pleasure, I need to know if you can help her, but she does not speak English, let me know if is possible to treat her!

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