Underage Alcoholism: Hypnosis Can Help Your Child

child drinks beerMany common questions regarding hypnosis frequently center around it’s effectiveness on compulsions as multi-faceted and complex as substance addiction and abuse.

Alcohol addiction is a particularly troublesome, because like any other addictive substance, the body becomes totally dependent on something that is ultimately toxic to it when imbibed in mass quantities, and whereas the short term effects for drunkenness can be embarrassing and even gruesome, such as nausea, vomiting, even alcohol poisoning, the long term effects are lethal.

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Overcoming Fear of Being Judged Through Hypnosis

scared public speakerYou are on a huge stage, headlining for what has been advertised as “the Concert of the Century”, for months now. You know you are more than prepared- you’ve stuck to your diet, done all your vocal warm ups twice, you know all your songs better then the back of your hand, and are dressed from head to toe in an outfit so revolutionary, that even Lady GaGa knows she can’t compete.

The crowd roars with excitement and anticipation, as all your friends, family, and coworkers crowd the front rows, joining the rest of your fans in chanting your name over and over.

This is your one and only shot to prove yourself to everyone else- this is your time to really deliver. The pressure is on – and on full blast!

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Hypnosis and Stress Relief

Stressed out womanAre you stressed? Is your calendar completely booked up with monotonous days, which are then followed by restless nights? Day in, day out, you strive to meet deadlines, play phone tag, and try to recall exactly what it is that you need to get accomplished; it’s easy to understand how one can get caught up in the NYC grind and become consumed with stress.

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Intimacy Issues: Overcoming Fear of Rejection

holding handsIntimacy is a tricky word. We can be intimate with a business partner, a daughter, and our wife, in a different way for each. Intimacy with a business partner could be a professional intensity or an intellectual kinship. Intimacy with a daughter could be an emotional effusiveness. And intimacy with a wife, of course, will probably mean having a sexual component.

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