Hypnosis Can Cure Fear Public Speaking

scared public speakerI can help you improve a skill that almost everyone will have to learn: public speaking. I’ve worked with independent executives, corporate executives, educators, performers, people from all walks of life suddenly called to speak in front of the group. One thing I discovered is that the fear of public speaking is rooted in shame and guilt.

Guilt is also known as the Impostor Syndrome: People don’t feel they deserve being in the place they’re in, so they’re not confident.

In either professional or personal life, the guilt doesn’t make sense. You’re the one in a suit on stage – you deserve to be there! Think about it this way: If not you, then who and why isn’t the supposedly more important person there?

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Overcoming Fear of Being Judged Through Hypnosis

scared public speakerYou are on a huge stage, headlining for what has been advertised as “the Concert of the Century”, for months now. You know you are more than prepared- you’ve stuck to your diet, done all your vocal warm ups twice, you know all your songs better then the back of your hand, and are dressed from head to toe in an outfit so revolutionary, that even Lady GaGa knows she can’t compete.

The crowd roars with excitement and anticipation, as all your friends, family, and coworkers crowd the front rows, joining the rest of your fans in chanting your name over and over.

This is your one and only shot to prove yourself to everyone else- this is your time to really deliver. The pressure is on – and on full blast!

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