Hypnosis and the Almighty Deadline

Stressed out womanStress, in its simplest definition, is that which takes more energy than you can provide. It can include an especially condensed workload in the office, or it can involve the silent tension in your marriage. Maybe it’s a belligerent teenage child who barely talks to you, or it could even be a part of your identity that you’re looking to build on but haven’t yet been able to.

Stress can crop up in virtually any arena in your life, but there’s one form of stress that seems to cut through the rest: deadlines.

Nothing is clearly more evocative of stress than having to do a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time. You could be a writer who has to finish the first draft of her novel in 4 months. Or you could be a CEO who has to make a certain progress report to the board of directors in 1 week.

This is when the targeted effect of hypnosis fits perfect for the targeted goal of having to make a deadline. There’s nothing wishy-washy about a deadline, and there’s certainly nothing wishy-washy about hypnosis. If you have an important deadline; whether it’s in one week or one year, an immediate hypnosis session will help reduce anxiety, increase performance levels and focus, build on the interpersonal skills that will help you attain your goals, and give you the emotional foundation and optimism to fuel your success.

The job of hypnosis will not be to get rid of the stress—as I indicated above, stress is everywhere—the key is to help you get through the other side of a stressful situation in a happy and healthy way.

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Hypnosis for Easing Test-Taking Anxieties

I’ve had many clients come in for help in taking exams. Although they’ve been successful previously, with impressive academic records and degrees, overwhelming stress and anxiety regarding the random chance that they might fail slow them down. Worse, during test day, their minds go blank.

By grounding your ability to keep things in perspective, hypnotherapy teaches you how to consciously relax before and during tests. You don’t become overconfident, believing that studying and mental preparation will not make a difference. You do build a mindset that doesn’t allow nonsense or random fears to seep through. If you are intelligent and capable, and disciplined in studying, then why fret about failing?  Key is giving your potential credit by not wasting your time and energy indulging sudden insecurities. Doing so will only cause greater strain.

You’ll benefit from my knowledge of various intellectual exercises that can enhance both short- and long-term memory, along with fast-paced critical thinking. If there are deep-seated or recent emotional obstacles against focus, I will guide you in setting those hang-ups aside before test day (if not obliterating them completely).

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Hypnotherapy Heals Chronic Pain

A woman with back painChronic pain is bodily discomfort and illness that persists for years. Dealing with a different ailment almost daily, no matter how slight (stiff muscles, headaches), is a sign that you might need serious treatment.

Hypnotherapy treats chronic pain by eliminating the stress that caused and continues to aggravate the pain. If you’re getting medical help for the symptoms, I am willing to work in conjunction with the appropriate professionals.

Hypnotherapy is a necessary supplement to neurology in nearly every case. After all, how can you take the steps toward recovery if pain is eating away at your mind along with your body? Or if you are losing the emotional drive to want to get better, despite neurology.

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Hypnotherapy in New York City

Although such common problems as stress, anxiety, fear, and addiction exist everywhere, they are multiplied ten-fold in New York City. No one is spared, not even the city’s top executives – many of whom I’ve successfully treated.

In such a fast-paced, constantly demanding city, it’s hard for people to focus on solving a single problem – no matter how important – all the way. Rather, the “solution” is to skip onto other problems that inevitably come along.  By choosing hypnosis, clients commit to a place where they can’t run away from the key obstacles in their life.

Remember: Clinical Hypnosis is a hard science that revises how you respond to information and experiences. Your thoughts influence your actions, and your actions your life. Therapy gets straight to the core of faulty decision-making so that you don’t make wrong choices repeatedly.

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How Hypnosis Cures Gambling Addiction

Gambling AddictionClinical Hypnosis cures gambling addiction by changing the neurological patterns behind the thrill of compulsive risk-taking.

Whether it’s excessive stock trading on Wall Street, Atlantic City’s slot machines, or all-night poker roundtables in the Manhattan underground, gambling addiction has harder physical reality in the New York City area than anywhere else.

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