Hypnosis for Easing Test-Taking Anxieties

I’ve had many clients come in for help in taking exams. Although they’ve been successful previously, with impressive academic records and degrees, overwhelming stress and anxiety regarding the random chance that they might fail slow them down. Worse, during test day, their minds go blank.

By grounding your ability to keep things in perspective, hypnotherapy teaches you how to consciously relax before and during tests. You don’t become overconfident, believing that studying and mental preparation will not make a difference. You do build a mindset that doesn’t allow nonsense or random fears to seep through. If you are intelligent and capable, and disciplined in studying, then why fret about failing?  Key is giving your potential credit by not wasting your time and energy indulging sudden insecurities. Doing so will only cause greater strain.

You’ll benefit from my knowledge of various intellectual exercises that can enhance both short- and long-term memory, along with fast-paced critical thinking. If there are deep-seated or recent emotional obstacles against focus, I will guide you in setting those hang-ups aside before test day (if not obliterating them completely).

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