Get Beautiful Via Clinical Hypnosis

If you’ve been to the office recently you’ll notice that the entire space has been renovated. Things look amazing. Leather seating, bright blues and whites, an elegant orchid, chocolate wood, chrome and glass surfaces. All the changes get me thinking about the topic of physical appearance.

Prospective clients come to me asking if hypnosis can make them look better. They want to be beautiful and attractive especially to the opposite sex. Through the combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Executive Life Coaching that I provide, you can become absolutely irresistible inside and out.

Treatment is highly individualized, meaning that I will be paying a lot of attention to your specific needs and abilities. Although you get a lot of credit for being open about and wanting to change your external flaws, remember that even beauty queens and top celebrities have obvious imperfections. In fact, some of them are downright – i.e. objectively – eyesores.
The key is confidence. It is a single, simple word that gets tossed around like it’s easy to do. But it isn’t easy for everyone. If you live in NYC, or in any city like it, you know how critical it is to embrace your uniqueness. Not giving a damn about what anyone thinks but that you are comfortable in your body and however the hell you want to present it – and wherever you want to take it – is the sexiest quality in the world! My goal is to coach you in improving what you can realistically, with the mental clarity and determination you will gain via hypnotherapy.

Intrigued? Browse this website, As always, don’t ever be shy to call my office at (212) 599-3195. I can’t wait to see you!

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  1. Sometimes we fail to properly antcpiiate the impact walk in patients have on our schedule and we are working on resolving those issues. The simple answer would be to not accept walk ins but we want to maintain flexibility for our patients.

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