Hypnosis for Exercise Addiction

Could you be addicted to exercise? If you work in New York City, you know how critical it is to keep your body in shape. Intelligence, financial success, creative accolades aren’t enough. Likely you have an active gym membership, go on regular jogs, are constantly exploring classes on meditation or martial arts. I rarely meet a New Yorker who isn’t concerned with exercise – not so much for dieting, either – in some way, regardless of how much time and money they have.

However, there is such a problem as exercising too much. Way too much. That habit is becoming increasingly prevalent, what with desk work more common along with more reason to stay indoors: People crave moving their bodies! This is understandable, a solid place to start a healthy life. But again: If things reach a stage where people wonder whether you’ve lost your mind, question your actions. It’s possible you are on the verge of a psychological collapse. The chance is high that your obsession with physical exertion is a form of escaping or of sorting out deep emotional instability that can be addressed through a combination of life coaching and clinical hypnosis.

Specializing in weight loss and eating disorders, my goal for you is obvious: I want you to stay fit, keep the natural strength of your energy and drive. Your stamina, in itself, is desirable and rare! But stop subjecting your body to needless pressure and strain. Learn more about my methods at my NYC hypnosis clinic by giving my office a call at (212) 599-3195 to discuss scheduling and rates.

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