Hypnosis for Weight Loss

body weight scaleYou’ve tried everything: Weight Watchers, exercise, diet, Atkins, and even a few eccentric methods that will go unnamed! One thing I bet you haven’t tried though is hypnosis.

Rather than talk about the details and effectiveness of hypnosis, which you can read on my weight loss page on the website available by clicking here, I want to talk about the main reason hypnosis is effective which is that it gets to the emotional root of the weight gain.

Many diets and forms of exercise are punitive in that they treat your eating habits as a sin that you need saving from; it presumes you are at fault, and you must redeem yourself. Those treatments never ask why you got heavy in the first place.

When your mind is focused on only the discipline required, and doesn’t have any positive reinforcement, then there is no way you can sustain weight loss. Hypnosis doesn’t slap you on the wrist and make demands. Hypnosis gets to the emotional reasons behind your eating habits. What is it about fried chicken that makes you happy? What pain does the ice cream hide? How is work or family causing eating habits that lead to rapid weight gain/weight loss?

It’s time to dig deeper so that your weight loss becomes a side-effect of a grander change instead of the only battle.

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