Is Hypnosis Effective For Children

I get asked very often whether I treat children and whether hypnosis is effective in helping children. Well, coaching is about how to live your life more effectively, how to go from good, better and best. And as long as the child has the ability to reason, then the answer is yes.

Now there are a few things that we should remember. One is the child is of young age, the parent is always in the room. In fact the parent is able to be in the room as long as the child is under eighteen if it’s in the best interest of the client and the parent.

Two, that in the process of doing hypnosis it is simply a relaxation and a reinforcement of what is the proper way of thinking and believing. Children are highly influenced by those in authority, and very often the idea is that they have in their head that are torturing them are quickly replaced when a more powerful authority puts a positive idea when they’re open to suggestion.

Yes, children are already hypnotized by bad information coming from well meaning people. I do treat children. Thank you.

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