Does Hypnosis Work For Children?

One common question about hypnosis I get is whether hypnosis works for children. Most people are so tentative when it comes to getting hypnotized themselves that they become extra concerned when they consider it as an option for their kids.

I’m here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, and that hypnosis is actually especially effective for children.

Hypnosis utilizes common traits seen in kids such as imagination and suspension of disbelief. In my 35 years experience, during which I have often treated children, I would notice that they don’t enter the sessions with a sense of resistance that I see in greater percentages from adults.

The common issues I treat in children are depression, test-taking, attention/focus disorders, antisocial or distracting behavior, and weight-loss. Under almost every circumstance I grant the parental requests to sit in on the session, and while I do consult with the parent at the end of the session, it is not mandatory that the parent be there for the entirety of the session and hypnosis induction.

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2 thoughts on “Does Hypnosis Work For Children?

  1. First, great blog!
    My ten-year-old son is very creative and, consequently, has a big imagination. Although a cause and effect relationship might not exist, I suspect his imagination is a major cause of his serious nighttime fears. Although he sleeps in a room with his younger brother and older cousin, he has a very difficult time getting to sleep and almost always makes a beeline to his parents’ bed. Mom and dad love him dearly, but…
    When he wakes up during the night, he again starts worrying all about all kinds of possibilities that he admits are irrational, but that he can’t push out of his mind – and the shuttle run to mom and dad’s bed is made.
    His fears are real.
    His heading to mom and dad’s room has become an ingrained habit.
    Mom and dad have let him know with all combinations of love and harshness that this has to stop.
    Mom and dad have tried hard to help him with various coping strategies (e.g. relaxation, imagining things he enjoys), none of which it had the slightest effect.
    If, in your experience, hypnosis done by a talented, experienced practitioner is a good option, how can I find such a person in Toronto, which is where I now live, having retired from Cornell? Specifically, I would like to find someone in North York, Woodbridge, or Richmond Hill.
    I apologize for even asking a pain-in-the-ass question like this, but my little boy is the love of my life – you get it.
    Chris Hart

    • Hi Christopher,

      Sorry for getting back to you so late! Listen, I would love to speak with you over the phone so that we can work something out. I do skype/video/phone sessions with clients all over the globe and they’ve worked out amazingly well. Send me your contact and we’ll talk. Look forward to hearing from you.

      Dr. G.

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