Can Hypnosis Cure Night Terrors?

One of the most common types of sleep disorders are night terrors. A night terror is a sleep disruption that bears a faint resemblance to a nightmare, but differs in intensity and inconsolability.

Mostly affecting kids, a night terror is not technically a dream, but more like a sudden reaction of fear that happens during the transition from one sleep phase to another. A night terror usually involves a child sitting suddenly upright and screaming. The breathing and heartbeat increase and so is the person’s sense of being scared.

Night terrors are usually nothing to worry about, but if your child is in the slim margin of children who are experiencing frequent and sever night terrors, then hypnosis is the solution.

The first order of business to address is whether hypnosis is applicable to children. A lot of people think children don’t have the hypnotic capabilities to relax and to focus. But I’ve often found in my three-and-a-half decade career, that children are often the most easy to hypnotize.

Hypnosis requires a strong sense of imagination and a willingness that most children have. If you are a concerned parent and would like to talk more with me about it, you may do so by calling my office at (212) 599-3195.

With regard to hypnosis’s application to night terrors, it works in the same way hypnosis works for any other mental/psychological problem. Hypnosis will look to re-associate the subconscious thought patterns that occur during night terrors with positive and relaxed emotions.

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