Can Hypnosis Help You Manage Anger?

A frustrated angry womanAccording to, anger is “a natural emotion that alerts us when something has violated the natural order of how we think things should go.”

Indignation is important and can be highly productive. After all, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were angry, and that very emotion led to the Civil Rights and dreams being realized.

So, let me clear here: I’m not against anger in general. Anger can be a great way to focus your thoughts and feelings, and energize and persuade a crowd to do something.

The key though is that we manage our anger, so that it doesn’t get out of hand. If you’re cursing and screaming at a fellow driver who simply forgot to turn on their blinker or if you’re throwing things and clearing desks in a blind rage then you have a problem with managing anger.

Luckily for you, I’ve dealt with anger management patients a lot, and I’ve been very successful in treating it.

The key is to use hypnosis for anger management to teach the brain to not have the feeling of violation trigger off rage, but a more productive intuitive response.

In a very specific hypnotic induction I’ve cultivated over the last three decades we will rewire your brain to act more responsibly and safely. This is not about changing the outside world…it’s about changing your reaction to the outside world.

It’s time to take a deep breath.

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