Overcoming Shyness with Hypnotherapy

The number one thing people write on all of their client intake forms is that they want to gain more confidence. One of the chief symptoms of lack of confidence is shyness. While shyness and timidity might have some relation to medical disorders in the DSM, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression, shyness is often a part of someone’s personality, and thus difficult to clinically treat.

The trick about treating shyness is that we want to improve the patient’s life without fundamentally changing a person’s personality. While shyness can inhibit you, we don’t want to change your introspection or self-reflection.

The problems that shyness often causes – most notably fear of approaching people, fear of being judged, and public speaking — are problems worth changing. They get in the way of your career and your relationships with family and friends.

With hypnosis, rather than diagnose and treat shyness, I will help you develop interpersonal and communication skills that are necessary for a fruitful and productive life. Using post-hypnotic suggestibility, I will rewire your brain so that it interprets those moments where shyness dominates as moments of opportunity, rather than obstacles. That’s the main switch, and it can be done in a few sessions. Call my office today.

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