Intimacy Issues: Overcoming Fear of Rejection

holding handsIntimacy is a tricky word. We can be intimate with a business partner, a daughter, and our wife, in a different way for each. Intimacy with a business partner could be a professional intensity or an intellectual kinship. Intimacy with a daughter could be an emotional effusiveness. And intimacy with a wife, of course, will probably mean having a sexual component.

So when you come to me with what you feel to be intimacy issues, we’ll first have to define what you mean by intimacy. But more times than not, intimacy issues revolve around a fear of rejection. In fact recent studies show that rejection gets registered in the same part of your brain as physical pain is registered in.

With hypnosis, I will help you unlearn the acquired fear of intimacy, using the science of neuroplasticity and rational cognitive therapy. With your current fear of intimacy, your brain is now trained to habitually act in a way that inhibits your behavior when faced with potential intimate situations. Through hypnotic suggestion, I’ll re-wire your brain to instinctively confront those situations with more confidence and calmness.

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