Developing Love and Intimacy Through Clinical Hypnosis

A happy older coupleLooking for love in the wrong places? You’re not the only one who gets lost. Intimacy is a need that is difficult to fulfill, period. ┬áIn my experience, even the wealthiest and most accomplished people are unhappy if their lives lack deep affectionate bonds. What more for those who still have to reach their professional goals?
Whatever predicament you’re in, keep in mind that it ‘s never a waste to work on your emotional needs. This may entail repairing old connections or making new ones. Awkward attempts could lead you to neglect your social life completely, but doing so isn’t the solution.
Through a combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis, I can get you to use your rational judgement – without losing the passionate aspect – in making love and closeness happen for you. Matchmaking strategies involving personality analyses of yourself and potential partners are part of the process.
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Intimacy Issues: Overcoming Fear of Rejection

holding handsIntimacy is a tricky word. We can be intimate with a business partner, a daughter, and our wife, in a different way for each. Intimacy with a business partner could be a professional intensity or an intellectual kinship. Intimacy with a daughter could be an emotional effusiveness. And intimacy with a wife, of course, will probably mean having a sexual component.

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