Why Would CEO’S Doubt a Need for Executive Life Coaching? Because They Are Ill Informed

I recent stumbled upon an article in the Huffington Post, regarding some CEO’s resistance to seeking out executive life coaching.  To quote the article,

“A recent study by the Stanford Business School found that nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development. And almost half of senior executives in general aren’t receiving any, either. Paradoxically, nearly 100 percent said they would like coaching to enhance their development, as both Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Forbes reported in recent articles.”

It is understandable that free time in the schedule of a high powered CEO is more than a notion and those who have already achieved a significant amount of success without consulting with an executive life coach may not see the necessity of such a thing, but let me tell you, neglecting to do such a thing is only handicapping your company and limiting your overall potential for success.

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Clinical Hypnosis and Bipolar Disorder

a man with depressionBipolar Disorder is a mental illness classified as a “Mood Disorder”, and effects about 4% of the population. Bipolar Disorder, also knows as Manic Depression, is categorized by extreme and intense mood swings; they can go from experiencing elevated feelings of euphoria or agitation with a high energy and erratic behavior, to experiencing severe bouts of polarizing depression.

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How Can Life Coaching Help You After a Job Loss?

job searchA job is the utmost example of security and stability, and the sudden loss of something that once was perhaps a priority in your life, has left you overwhelmed and anxious. You know what your goal should be – find a new job – but this recent life change can be a blow to the self esteem and hurt one’s pride, therefore making it difficult to motivate yourself to be as proactive as you can.

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Life Coaching: The Significance of Additional Emotional Support

The reason why people seek out a Life Coach is that they are looking for someone who is able to motivate them, and if the Life Coach is worth his salt, the Life Coach can motivate and support in ways their client wouldn’t believe was possible.

My mission is simple; I want to point you in the right direction to help you to achieve your goals, but in order to be successful there is a degree of work that needs to be done on your end.

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7 Steps To Weight Control With Hypnosis

Happy Woman Adjusting Balance Weight ScaleIf you are interested in maintaining a healthy weight, whether your intention is to gain or lose weight, clinical hypnosis is an effective, safe, short-term treatment option because weight control has just as much to do with your mental state as it does your physical one.

The hypnotherapy weight control program offered by Gluck Solutions, addresses your weight issues by tacking them at the core of your subconscious. By altering your neural pathways, hypnosis has the ability to completely alter one’s whole relationship to food and exercise.

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