Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Usually clients that come to see me for weight loss are clients that have tried everything: from every fad diet, to pills, to religious gym regimes, to starving, to surgery, you name it. Here’s the good news: hypnosis can help. Using hypnosis for weight loss is not simply to target body fat, but it is used to get to the core reason as to why you are unable to lose or maintain a healthy weight.emotional eating

The goal is to be healthier, not thinner.
It’s nice to want a body like the models you’ve seen on the cover of ‘Health’ magazine but true health looks different on each individual depending on their blood type and body shape. Hypnotherapy for weight loss and weight control alters your neural pathways. This means, it edits how your subconscious perceives and reacts to food and exercise. Hypnosis for weight loss is tied in with the science of ultra-metabolism. This system affects your genes by using healthy foods to increase metabolism, and therefore, helping you burn calories.

Taking your individual lifestyle, stress level, blood type, age, and food choices into consideration, I can create a food plan just for you.

A habit we must break is ostressedur tendency to overeat when we’re feeling depressed or stressed. This is an issue because eating can be just as addictive and habitual as drug use. Dopamine and other brain chemicals that allow us to feel good are released when we eat foods high in fat and sugar. People who are feeling down in the dumps will turn to food for a quick pick-me-up. WebMD states that “once people experience pleasure associated with increased dopamine transmission in the brain’s reward pathway from eating certain foods, they quickly feel the need to eat again.” The link can be found here.

Together, we will work on four important factors that effect weight loss and maintenance.

  1. Reduce stress levels: According to Stress in America™: – American Psychological Association, “39% [of Americans] reported overeating or eating unhealthy food [due to stress].” We will work on finding other means of stress relief apart from food.
  2. Determine the psychological origins that prevent you from controlling your cravings and appetite, making good food and life choices, being consistent in exercise, and eating smaller portions. This will allow us to deal with the emotional aspect of your eating problem to break negative behavior patterns. We will institute new, positive eating habits and attitudes. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Blood type, genetics, portion control, and the amount of water you drink will be used to create and establish the new patterns that will break your addiction to carbohydrates, sugar and artificial substitutes.
  3. Help improve your self-image, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Having grounded self-love and positive motivation will keep you on the journey in pursuing your personal best.
  4. Help set up a connection between your mind and your body’s natural rhythm. Syncing your mind and body will help you understand when you’re eating for nutrition and when you’re desiring to eat because of stress.

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The Starving Brain

When I think of the 4th of July weekend coming up, I think of hotdogs, burgers, grills, the sun out, frozen fruit drinks and most importantly, some very needed family time.

Needless to say, I know there are people out there that fear this time of year and many other holidays like this centered around family gatherings and food (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Birthdays, and the like). They fear the idea of having to eat in front of family and friends. There are people tormented by the thought of having to force themselves to eat to appear healthy and normal on the outside.1275fcd73d195d39f36b7135c52f5371

The truth is, anorexia is hardly ever about weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 pounds or 180 pounds, an anorexic will still feel that they are never at their perfect weight. Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other related eating disorders are a form of addiction, very similar in root to gambling, alcoholism, drugs, smoking, sex, etc. – it is centered around attaining the ‘high’ that makes you feel good/relieved.

Young girls and boys on the onset of anorexia and bulimia purge because of how amazing it makes them feel afterwards. Fast forward a few years, it turns into a habit, an addiction no longer controllable. The troubling truth about habit is its stronghold over our lives. It’s great that some of us have great habits, like waking up early in the morning and sticking to our awesome workout regimes but there are a lot of us who fight head on with daily negative habits. Sometimes we turn to our addictions to distract us from the real issue we are dealing with on the inside.

Anorexia, like all other addictions, takes your good qualities and uses them against yourself in destructive ways. It will take your amazing persistence and push you to continue to purge and starve. It will take your strong determination and use it to push to to achieve visible ribcages. It will take your unique creativity and use it to create stories to hide the real reason as to why you are “not hungry”. It will take your hardworking, disciplined mindset and use it to fight for the wrong things.

I want to emphasize the power of our brains and what we can do change the way we think. Hypnosis can help you center your thoughts on what is truly important and meaningful in life. You have to realize that your body, your organs, and your actions/habits are all controlled by your brain. Your heart cannot beat and pump blood without the command of the brain. Likewise, your thoughts don’t end up where they do without the command of the brain. Come see me. And I don’t say this lightly. I know how real the fear is for those that battle with this every day, through every meal.

I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!

Resolve Your Weight Loss Issues Through Clinical Hypnosis

body weight scaleIn my 37 years of practice as a Clinical Hypnotist, weight loss continues to be one of my specialties! I’m happy that more people are keen to get healthier rather than thinner. They are concerned less about ideal beauty than in the beauty of taking a nutritional direction specific to their individual lives.

Sound reasoning almost always goes hand in hand with a sound body. Although I am not a medical doctor, I am here to get you to the mental place where you will value and take all the necessary actions to better health. As I always say: If you change the way you think, you change your behavior and soon your life. After that, you’ll find others drawn to your new found energy.

During treatment, I take into account your blood type which, believe it or not, says a lot more than you think about your body. Click here for some information on that little-known fact…

We will discuss, intensively, how your personal background plays into the choices you’ve been making in regards to your weight. This is where weight loss hypnosis becomes elemental, rewiring the neural networks in your brain responsible for creating the habits that can make or break your physical stability.

Using Hypnotherapy to Quit Binge-Eating

A binge eaterWhen it comes to food, self-control has amazing benefits. But there is such a thing as obsessively trying to control one’s appetite, which is at the root of binge eating.

Binge eaters experience an addictive high over denying their hunger for long durations. Even when it makes sense to eat, they won’t regardless. Suddenly, just before succumbing to malnourishment or starvation, the binge-eater turns off the mechanism for self-control and “lets go.”

The scene isn’t one of joy and liberation! It is devastating to watch the people slip into absolute lack of concern for anyone, including themselves. Some will simply get up in the middle of the night, not having eaten for days, ransacking kitchen pantries and cabinets. They don’t care which food belongs to whom, or what things they’re eating, they’re just going to eat.

Although the pleasure is great, it isn’t worth the toll. Permanent damage to both the mind and body are inevitable. Stomach ulcers are common. So is sexual dysfunction, respiratory issues, low levels of focus.

Ask yourself: Is it necessarily desirable to eat in binges, putting yourself through guilt and shame, in order to feel confident?

No, I assure you: Clinical Hypnosis shows you to gain the same pleasure without having to risk your sanity each time. You learn self-management. No one, as far as I know, can survive happily on binges.

If you’re interested in a balanced middle ground of dieting, call Dr. Gluck’s office in NYC at (212) 599-3195.

Better Dieting Through Clinical Hypnosis

body weight scaleThe hardest part of sticking to a diet is being on a diet. Having dealt with many people who wanted to lose weight through hypnosis, I know one thing: They all got what they wanted. And more.

They didn’t get fit miraculously through a fad, intense diet. But they didn’t get fit so slowly either that they had to force themselves to like the results when, honestly, they’re wishing they’d had them sooner. You know how that feels. Good things take time, but if it takes too much time, you start to wonder if that chunk of time went to waste. (Pun intended!)

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