Better Dieting Through Clinical Hypnosis

body weight scaleThe hardest part of sticking to a diet is being on a diet. Having dealt with many people who wanted to lose weight through hypnosis, I know one thing: They all got what they wanted. And more.

They didn’t get fit miraculously through a fad, intense diet. But they didn’t get fit so slowly either that they had to force themselves to like the results when, honestly, they’re wishing they’d had them sooner. You know how that feels. Good things take time, but if it takes too much time, you start to wonder if that chunk of time went to waste. (Pun intended!)

If you’re my client, efficiency and focus will be a priority. Hard work is a must for anything worthwhile. With hard work things happen at the right time. Waiting won’t shed weight. I’ll be guiding you through a process that takes into account your particular lifestyle and individual qualities.

Blood type, for example, is a good basis from which to determine which foods to incorporate in your daily meals. Should you try going vegetarian, consider meat and fish, be a more selective omnivore?  Can you even have these options? We’ll revise accordingly. The answers aren’t always obvious. But the solutions are always doable because, once again, I’m treating you based on your realistic capabilities.

Another basis is finding out your goals once you’re in the physical shape you want. Keeping them in mind will keep you motivated! Don’t lose energy on going out of your way. Don’t fall for what the hottest celebrities are doing. Put energy into diets within your reach.

And don’t tell me that these diets are easy, because for most people, doing things that look easy is harder than it looks. Because then you want to do it right! It’s easy to do something that you know you can’t do, because then you set lower standards for yourself. That’s a fact. But when you have every reason and means to do something, that something becomes necessary.

Hypnosis combined with rational cognitive life coaching can allow you to develop expectations which you can meet, in a short time frame, for long-term results.

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