Do You Need Help Writing a Will?

write a willWills are a tricky affair — just ask King Lear. They are complicated because they are both an emotional and a legal/financial affair. They can be used as threats for those writing them, or they can be a source of jealousy among siblings for years. Or they can also be incredibly poignant tokens of love.  They can even be surprises. And, of course, let’s not forget the immense financial reassurance wills can give. Wills have enormous potential both good and bad, so it’s important you go about writing them with astuteness and preparation.

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How a Life Coach Can Improve Your Job Interview Skills

One of the responsibilities of a life coach is professional preparation. So much of our lives involve our professional work, so that means that one of the things I’m helping with you with is either getting a job, changing careers, or developing your current job status.

This means that after we have an outstanding resume for you, we will start to work on your job interview skills.

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Life Coaching: Myth vs. Reality

life coaching sign postThink you know what life coaching is all about? In this blog post I want to set the record straight on what life is and what it is not.

I have clients that come to me all of the time thinking that undergoing life coaching is something that will be some kind of spiritual journey that involves us sitting and meditating in the midst of votive candles and incense… they could not be more wrong.

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Hypnosis and Hoarding

Hoarding can be cured by hypnosisWe’ve all seen the promos for the TLC show “Hoarders” where we see every day people surrounded by mountains and mountains of stuff; Stuff that an outside observer would label as junk.

However, what many don’t understand is that the impulse to hoard is not because someone is lazy or slovenly.

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