Do You Need Help Writing a Will?

write a willWills are a tricky affair — just ask King Lear. They are complicated because they are both an emotional and a legal/financial affair. They can be used as threats for those writing them, or they can be a source of jealousy among siblings for years. Or they can also be incredibly poignant tokens of love.  They can even be surprises. And, of course, let’s not forget the immense financial reassurance wills can give. Wills have enormous potential both good and bad, so it’s important you go about writing them with astuteness and preparation.

It’s important to make decisions about your will that are both according to your emotional desire, as well as your financial situation. What stage you are at in this process of will development might vary.

Some people might have a vague relationship with their family and not know to what extent they should even write them into their will. Others know where the money should go, but just aren’t sure how much to whom. And there are others who pretty much have the whole issue settled and just need to hash out the particulars with an outside party.

I’m available to help you with wills at all stages of their development.

Please note: I am a life coach…not a lawyer, and cannot offer legal advice.

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