Life Coacing and Holiday Spending

Surprisingly enough, the holidays are right around the corner. I’m not here to burden you with more life-coaching advice on how to handle the stress of seeing family. I’m here to talk financial management.

Because holiday shopping feels so generous, it’s easy to ignore the budgetary constraints. Wanting to make your family feel loved with good presents might max out the credit card.

One thing I tell my life coaching clients around the holidays is to set a budget and stick to it. If that means only spending $10-$15 a person (immediate family excluded), then make do with what you have. Get creative. Put heart into it. Write a poem. You don’t have to buy your great aunt whom you’ve never met an expensive cologne.

Gift-giving is not about the price tag, but about a specific communication. What does your gift communicate? Is it trying to make a family member laugh? Is it trying to help someone heal? How subtle is it? Gifts are nuanced things — so remember to treat them as such.

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