Life Coaching During a Crisis

There are two types of life coaching: 1) consistent life coaching for a person looking to work through a large problem, or 2) a set of problems and life coaching during crises.

The stakes are higher and there is a greater sense of immediacy for life coaching during a crisis. Coming to me with a generalized malaise surrounding your financial situation is different than coming to me hours before you’re about lose $300,000 on the market (while you and your wife are settling on a new mortgage).

There is undoubtedly a different tactic for each of those situations. I don’t want any misconception of life coaching to lead people into thinking that a life coaching or therapist doesn’t cater to the gravity of a situation.

We’re not going to be softly talking about your childhood mistakes for an hour if the situation demands immediate action. Bring any type of problem my way, 212-599-3195.

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