Parenting Skills and Life Coaching

A child with his parentsI’ve been in business as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist for over 35 years, and I’ve worked with all walks of life. From top CEOs of fortune five hundred companies to the struggling artist that supplements their income by waiting tables. My patients have run the gamut in terms of professional status.

Despite their differing career paths, I’ve noticed one common thread- it is unanimously agreed across the board that parenting is truly the most challenging and complex job on Earth.

From the moment a child enters the world the parents become responsible for all aspects of their baby’s development. Once becoming a parent, it is expected that your child’s needs trump everything else, becoming your primary priority. You go from having the luxury of impromptu brunches and spontaneous late nights out on the town, to being consumed by someone else’s life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Though child rearing is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience, the pressure to be a good parent and consistently make choices in the best interest of the child can be as terrifying as it is exhausting.  This is because the relationship between a parent and child is the most significant type of human connection there is.

From what you say to how you behave- every decision you make influences your child’s mental and emotional development.  Even as infants, children’s brains are naturally wired to absorb everything they see and hear, like a sponge, and though the child may not give the immediate impression they were effected by a particular event or behavior exhibited by the parents, it does become engrained in their subconscious and could potentially lead to consequences in their adult life.

A majority of adults attribute any type of social, emotional, and mental maladjustment they may currently have, to early childhood experiences. A person raised in a tumultuous and abusive environment or a child raised by neglectful parents will have some residual emotional scars in adulthood that inevitably effect how they feel about themselves and relate to others.

Likewise, even the most hyper aware parents with all the best intentions in the world still make a common but detrimental parenting error, which is lacking the skill set to identify what kind of child you have and parenting based on the assumption that your child is a carbon copy of yourself.

While there are plenty of genetic commonalities, children are also the product of the environment created by the parents; what a parent may perceive as healthy and positive because it works for their lifestyle may not necessarily apply to the child.

It is very important to realize that each child is like a fingerprint, and every kid is it’s own unique entity. Even in the earliest phases of infancy, when babies are so dependent on their parents for survival they seem like they are tiny extensions of the mother and father, it is crucial to remember that they are still individuals with their own set of needs.

No two people are ever completely alike in every way, and though this can complicate the journey that is parenting, as any personal frame of reference is diminished it is also what makes it so exciting. There is truly nothing is more beautiful then watching your baby blossom into it’s own person.

If you have the desire to truly evolve into the best parent you can be then my Life Coaching program is exactly what you need. At Gluck Solutions, I will assess your current parenting skill set and actively work alongside you, teaching you how to better understand the individual that is your. Not only will I provide you with the ability to identify the individualistic attributes that make your child special, but I will also give you the tools to properly adapt and cater to those particular needs. I will empower you as a parent, leaving you feeling confident about your child’s development, and ultimately strengthening the bond between each of you.

Please, do your child and yourself a favor by addressing this while they are still young, in a constructive environment. Relieve your child of any potential for future complications- save them from years of therapy and a lifetime of struggle-by learning how to properly parent today.

Trust me, the best thing you can do for your child is to be as prepared as you can for any and everything, because the unexpected is always on the horizon.

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