Helicopter Parenting

There was this great video on Fox Business the other day about helicopter parenting. Helicopter parenting, for those who don’t know, is the intrusive parenting technique that stifles a child’s self-reliance.

With the baby boomers, it has become a widespread problem full of clichés. As many of you might know, I offer life coaching to new parents. Perhaps no demographic is more nervous than new parents: will we mess up our child? Will the child love us? How will we keep our sanity through all those sleepless nights?

I will assuage all those fears, and instill both the confidence and the skill that is required for successful parenting. And trust me, you won’t be helicopter parents under my watch. What makes you great parents starts out by identifying what makes you great people. Give my office a call.

Watch the video about helicopter parenting here…

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