I Want To Be A Better Person

Everyone wants to be a better person. Everyone comes to a life coach especially wanting to be a better person. But we don’t necessarily clarify what we mean when we say “better person.” A better person could mean so many different things, from someone who is more moral to someone achieving more excellence on a consistent basis.

A person who had been committing emotional abuse came to me hoping to put an end to his abusive behavior. “I want to be a better person,” he told me. Another client, just last week, wanted to reinvigorate his sense of self-confidence, sexual performance and glory in the eyes of his kids. As you can guess, he said to me, “Dr. Gluck, I want to be a better person.”

We all want to be a better version of ourselves, and many of us need a life coach to sift through the obstacles and help you realize that potential. But before I do that, I help you clarify what it is you exactly mean when you say those seven key words.

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