Jealousy, An All Consuming Fire.

People welcome jealousy into their lives, without intending to. They see something they really want and envy that which isn’t theirs. They acknowledge their want of it and, in positive instances, convert it into self-motivation.

tumblr_nqbkpunYAi1u7jt09o1_r1_1280On the other side of the spectrum, some see something they want and experience resentment because it isn’t theirs. Their jealousy never forms into self-motivation. In fact, it becomes an all consuming fire. Their negative thoughts grow fixated on the things they don’t have, magnifying it to something incontrollable and bigger than themselves.

This is so dangerous. It affects relationships, careers, emotional and mental health, and it can really cripple your life.

Jealousy develops when we start comparing ourselves to others. I always tell my clients that we are all on our own journey. We meet people, we invest, we make some U-turns but ultimately, no one else is living the life we individually get in this lifetime. You have to get to a place where separating fact from fantasy is possible, where set goals are met, and where jealousy propels you to be proactive. As I life coach, I am continually engaging in hearing your life story. We all are so special in our own way.


I Want To Be A Better Person

Everyone wants to be a better person. Everyone comes to a life coach especially wanting to be a better person. But we don’t necessarily clarify what we mean when we say “better person.” A better person could mean so many different things, from someone who is more moral to someone achieving more excellence on a consistent basis.

A person who had been committing emotional abuse came to me hoping to put an end to his abusive behavior. “I want to be a better person,” he told me. Another client, just last week, wanted to reinvigorate his sense of self-confidence, sexual performance and glory in the eyes of his kids. As you can guess, he said to me, “Dr. Gluck, I want to be a better person.”

We all want to be a better version of ourselves, and many of us need a life coach to sift through the obstacles and help you realize that potential. But before I do that, I help you clarify what it is you exactly mean when you say those seven key words.

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Hypnosis and Life Coaching: Double Whammy

Dr. Errol Gluck

It seems like anyone can call him/herself a hypnotist and call him/herself a life coach. But add some more criteria to your search, and you’ll find that I’m quite the rare specimen.

For example, search for a hypnotist with 35 years of experience, a top notch clientele, and a prime Manhattan location. List gets a lot smaller, doesn’t it? Now search for a hypnotist who tailors his/her hypnotic induction to the individual, and doesn’t just provide a generic hypnosis script. Or how about searching for a hypnotist who doubles as a life coach, and can supplement his neurological treatment with practical, real-world advice? You’ll find only one link — and it goes straight back to me.

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Emotional Accountability in Life Coaching

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main…

– John Donne

life coaching sign postOne of the key components of life coaching is helping my clients find other people in their lives to propel them to reach their goals.

Supportive family members and friends can provide you with the accountability needed to make the right decisions and attain your goals. So in addition to the work that you and I would do, we would also find people in your life who can be called upon to understand where you need to go and to aid you in getting there. Most often this is a spouse, a partner, a parent, or a sibling. It could be a close friend, or even a peer or co-worker. Whoever it is, he/she should be someone you can trust with the details and desires you have.

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