Hypnosis and Life Coaching: Double Whammy

Dr. Errol Gluck

It seems like anyone can call him/herself a hypnotist and call him/herself a life coach. But add some more criteria to your search, and you’ll find that I’m quite the rare specimen.

For example, search for a hypnotist with 35 years of experience, a top notch clientele, and a prime Manhattan location. List gets a lot smaller, doesn’t it? Now search for a hypnotist who tailors his/her hypnotic induction to the individual, and doesn’t just provide a generic hypnosis script. Or how about searching for a hypnotist who doubles as a life coach, and can supplement his neurological treatment with practical, real-world advice? You’ll find only one link — and it goes straight back to me.

Hypnosis and life coaching are a powererful couple. You really get the best of both worlds. Neurological change, using the science of neuroplasticity, provides the backbone of your improvement.

If you’re a smoker, I will change your emotional thought process surrounding your addiction on a neurological level. That’s undeniable. But what about the other things? What about dealing with friends who smoke? What about feeling sexy when you smoke? What about the identity surrounding being a smoker vs. being a non-smoker? These are all issues that transcend simple neurological reprogramming.

This is terrain specifically designed to be treated with life coaching. Go to someone who can give you the best of both worlds. Give my office a call.

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