A Life Coach Can Tell You When To Start Over

life coaching sign postOne of a life coach’s biggest duties is to tell the client when they need to push pause and start again. A lot of the time, we get wrapped up in our process and motivation that it takes an outsider to look at the raw facts.

If you’re spending lots of time, energy and money on one track, and it’s not working at all, you might not see the reality of what’s going on. Why? Because you’re the one who believes in the investment, and that belief blinds you.

Let me stress though, as a life coach, that starting over is not a defeat. If anything, it’s an intelligent move. It’s a moment of self-discovery, and with that self-discovery comes a great deal of clarity that will help you plan your next move.

Once you press pause and start something new, the two of us will lay out a plan for your next course of action.

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