A Life Coach is the Accountant of Your Life

A life coach will help you choose the best directionWhen you go to an accountant, you make sure all of your financial cylinders are firing. The best thing about an accountant is that he/she talks in concepts that ensure an optimal situation: taxation (or financial liability for services received), cost of investment, return on investment, risk and so on.

All of these concepts are not just limited to personal finance— these are life terms. They’re the concepts that I use (albeit with a bit less jargon) to help people who find themselves in need of life coaching.

For example, I draw parallels between a tax and doing things in a relationship that you might not want to do. No, you can’t watch that football game when your wife wants to watch her own show. Consider that choice to give her the remote control as a tax: compromising on the television ensures services provided later or always (making dinner, better sex, and an overall happier wife).

Children often have the greatest ROI — they have to or else we wouldn’t put up with them for 18 years! But nothing beats seeing your daughter tie the knot with the man she loves, or being the grandpa that your grandchildren come running towards to hug. You will provide the passion and spontaneity in your life; I will be your intuitive economist, making your life more efficient and healthy.  I’m a different kind of CPA – one who Creates Positive Attitudes!

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