A Life Coach Reframes Your Life

A lot of the common understanding of life-coaching revolves around the up-tempo coach giving clear-cut advice on “getting your act together.” That is true to a great degree – there should be something of an uprising that a life coach should instill in you. But the first thing a life coach should do is reframe your life.

A lot of people come to my office thinking that their problems define their identity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In no way, shape, or form are you ever, ever, ever your problem.

This is the first step of my life-coaching process — I get people to recalibrate their understanding of themselves. Self-perception is an important component to improvement. You can have all the ambition, good habits, and positivity, but if you still think of yourself as your own worst enemy, then that will limit where you can go. Call my office to reframe your identity.

Call my office at 212-599-3195 to learn more about my NYC life coaching program.

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