Toleration, Acceptance, and Desire

When you come into my office for life coaching, I usually have to clarify the difference between three basic concepts: toleration, acceptance and desire.

Let’s backtrack. We all know what refusal is. That is the negative response to how you’re treated. If your husband is physically abusing you, you refuse it by leaving. If your wife is cheating on you for the 5th time, you refuse it. But the gray area comes with the varying levels of positive response to a situation.

What you may think you desire could be something you’re only tolerating. If your husband snores in bed and refuses to see someone about it,  then you need to figure out if that little trait he has is something you desire, something you accept because it’s who he is and you love who he is, or something you’re only tolerating to prevent a fight.

A lot of people present a problem under the false assumption that they already know exactly how they feel about it. A life coach will help you see through the gray.

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