How Hypnosis and Life Coaching Can Inspire Your Creativity

a happy womanDa Vinci. Picasso. Shakespeare. What is creativity? Where does it come from? I’m certainly not about to turn this blog post into a TED talk, a Jonah Lehrer article, or a college thesis.

We all know creativity when we see it, and it is a trait that most, if not all, people aspire to. Whether you’re a systems analyst, a software developer, a musician, or a mailman, every profession can benefit from some sort of creative consciousness and abilities, and every person can benefit from having a creative outlet.

While everyone might not have the talent to be a creative artist, everyone does have his or her own unique creativity.

A lot of people come to me wanting to attain a greater level of creativity in their workplace or personal life. They come to me, desperate to spruce things up, to think outside the box, and to find a new angle to see the world from. This is a very broad desire, but hypnosis and life coaching is a two pronged solution to this big issue.

Often there are things that BLOCK our creativity: depression, anxiety, addiction, fear, self-image… these obstacles can be overcome using hypnosis. Once the obstacle has been taken away, now you need a life-coach to step in and help you make the micro-decisions that lead to a more creative life.

It’s easy to say, “I want to be more creative.” It takes a coach to say, “these are the people you need to call every day,” “this is the book you need to read 20 pages of every day,” “this is the amount you have to spend time doing X; and this is the amount of time you have to cut back on doing Y.” These small steps create a larger creative solution to life’s problems. A bunch of Gluck Solutions for a YOU Solution.

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