How Hypnosis and Life Coaching Can Inspire Your Creativity

a happy womanDa Vinci. Picasso. Shakespeare. What is creativity? Where does it come from? I’m certainly not about to turn this blog post into a TED talk, a Jonah Lehrer article, or a college thesis.

We all know creativity when we see it, and it is a trait that most, if not all, people aspire to. Whether you’re a systems analyst, a software developer, a musician, or a mailman, every profession can benefit from some sort of creative consciousness and abilities, and every person can benefit from having a creative outlet.

While everyone might not have the talent to be a creative artist, everyone does have his or her own unique creativity.

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Weight Loss Challenge in Kansas: Could Hypnosis Help?

On your mark, get set, lose! For residents of the state of Kansas, their Governor Sam Brownback has an interesting proposition for them. Brownback says,

“My hope is that the Governor’s Weight Loss Challenge will encourage everyone to work together to make our state healthier,” said the governor in an official press release. “I am challenging teams of five people to compete against my team of five to lose the most percentage weight, with the ultimate goal of taking on and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for years to come.”

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Weight Loss Hypnosis: A Recent Case Study of a Successful Transformation

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?  Yes!

I want to talk about one of my proudest patient success stories. His name is John (I asked his permission to use his name — confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me). His transformation demonstrates hypnosis’ powerful effect on weight-loss.

John came to me at 257 pounds and needed help. He didn’t feel healthy or enlivened at all, he felt himself to be in a rut, and he wanted to drastically improve the quality of his life.

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