Weight Loss Hypnosis: A Recent Case Study of a Successful Transformation

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?  Yes!

I want to talk about one of my proudest patient success stories. His name is John (I asked his permission to use his name — confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me). His transformation demonstrates hypnosis’ powerful effect on weight-loss.

John came to me at 257 pounds and needed help. He didn’t feel healthy or enlivened at all, he felt himself to be in a rut, and he wanted to drastically improve the quality of his life.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Testimonial

One significant part of the problem was that his job required him to sit down at a computer all day, and because of that, he developed awful snacking habits during an already sedentary job.Gradually, he became obese, unhealthy, and, most importantly, unhappy.

John was doing the traditional diet and exercise, but he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. He couldn’t find the motivation. With each carrot stick and jog, he felt the desire to change slip away. He needed something more.

That’s when he came to me. We talked about what his eating habits were, how his blood type affected his rate of metabolism, and what his exercise realities had been. We covered all bases.

Don’t forget eating is a very emotional activity; therefore weight-loss is an emotional treatment. We made sure to broach any emotional issues that may have been going on with John. Keep in mind, this wasn’t psychotherapy — hypnosis doesn’t pretend to be psychology or psychiatry — this was gathering all necessary information so I could help John make the active decisions that would get him to be where he wants to be.

Hypnosis is future-oriented, short-term, and highly targeted.

John saw me once a week for the first couple of weeks, then once every two weeks for a few more weeks, until, happy with the change, he came to me for brush-up sessions once every two months.

Here’s John in his own words:

“At first when I started the food plan, I was reluctant, so I didn’t totally follow what Dr. Gluck told me to do with the diet, but then slowly, I just started… doing it. I just started eating healthily”.

Even though he can’t quite explain it, he’s certainly not looking back. He’s now lost over 100 pounds and is feeling better about his career, his relationships, and his perspective on life. He went from being an incredibly introverted person to showing up at one of my seminars and speaking about his success story in front of hundreds of people.

It is truly a shining moment of my career to be allowed to help someone in a completely positive life transformation.

If you or someone you care about is struggling to lose weight then give us a call because we can help. Hypnosis can be your secret weapon to permanent weight loss.

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  1. It never occurred to me to try hypnosis for weight loss but I recently started a program and I can see how it can work. It’s all about changing the mindset and I’ve never been able to do that on my own. No results yet because I just started but I am hopeful. Thanks for sharing John’s inspiring testimony.

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