Can Hypnosis Cure Your Depression?

a man suffering from depressionFor those suffering from depression it can feel like you are the only person in the world experiencing these intense feelings of loneliness, isolation, and extreme sadness. It’s like being trapped at the bottom of an empty well with no one around to pull you out.  Well, that’s not true. I’m there, reaching out a hand and promising you that I can help bring light and joy into your life once more.

Using my unique blend of Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching I will not only help cure your depression, but we will ease and perhaps even eliminate any supplementary issues such as anxiety or phobias that people may not even realize is contributing to their depression.

Depression is a natural response to a traumatic, devastating event. What hypnosis will do, compared to other forms of treatment is teach you not how to shake your depression, but to find a completely different response for such an occasion.  Rather than something that would render you bedridden and broken, you will be able to successfully process your emotions of sadness and grief and move on from them.

Depression is a tricky thing, especially when dealing with a tragedy such as loss or death. It’s important to mourn but there comes a time when you need to take back your life. Let me help you take the reins!

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression give me a call at (212) 599-3195.

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