Hypnosis and Creativity

There was a great article I read about hypnosis and creativity a few weeks ago.  It brings up an important phrase that I’ve seldom heard before: “quality of consciousness.”

For any type of creativity — artistic, professional, problem-solving — you need to first ask yourself, “What is my quality of consciousness?” Are you distracted? Are you anxious? Is there underlying depression? What is polluting your consciousness and serving as an obstacle toward reaching your creative goals? Creativity is not this palatable thing to attain; creativity is a mode of operation originating in the brain. Hypnosis can help you better reach that frame of mind.

I have a painter friend of mine who lives on the Upper East Side, and she describes inspired painting as a trance-like state. There is no self-directed negativity or doubt; it’s just a constant stream of thoughtless action.

When she’s done painting, she’ll take a step back and think of how that was her primal creativity, her purest form of inspiration. Trust me, she’s not a pompous person — she never says that her paintings are superb (though, trust me they are). She just puts the brush down, knowing she exhibited a creativity she’s proud of.

One final thought: creativity is not just for artists. Creativity is a matter of solutions, so you can benefit from creativity in business, sports, or any other arena.

Let hypnosis take away the psychological obstacles and enhance your quality of consciousness. It’s time to get your original impulses flowing out of your heart and mind and into the outside world.

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