Hypnosis for Addiction to Painkiller Medication

addiction to painkillersAddiction to painkillers is more rampant than ever. Because of easy access to them coupled with the powerful effects it has on the body, close to 4.3% of New Yorkers over the age of 12 are addicted to opiods (pain relievers).


In addition, let’s not ignore that the vast majority of people on painkillers actually suffer from chronic pain and have a responsible dependence on them. The percentage I’m concerned with are those who are addicted beyond their willpower to opiods.

There are many factors that go into diagnosing addiction. Whether pain is actual or perceived; whether pain increases as a reason behind increased use of painkillers or not; and whether the dependency is physical or psychological. But let’s say all the factors of your use has been taken into consideration, and it comes out that you are, in fact, addicted. This is where you need to seek treatment.

Now let’s ask two questions back to back:

1) Why are painkillers so addictive?
The reason is because opiods activate the same pleasure centers in the brain that sex, chocolate, caring for children, and love do.

2) Why is hypnosis effective?
Because it uses the science of neuroplasticity, meaning it alters the brain wiring. In other words, hypnosis translates subconscious brain patterns into conscious behavioral changes. So, for people addicted to painkillers, the use of oxycontin is so closely associated with pleasurable parts of the brain until the hypnotist re-associates the use of oxycontin to something unpleasant, and makes the feeling of freedom from the drug rewarding.

Break free from the chains of prescription painkiller addiction. Often escape from one pain leads to an entirely different class of pain, one that is often more severe. Call my office today at (212) 599-3195 to start the Gluck Solutions Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program.

**Please note any supplements that my office offers are 100% organic and non-addictive.

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