Hypnosis for Sexual Addiction

a man with sexual addictionMuch of the conversation surrounding sexual addiction circles around whether it exists or not. After a spike of celebrities checked themselves in for sexual addiction in the last 10 years, coupled with a growing national dependence on prescription pills, many people are starting to give credence to the very real problem that is sexual addiction.
I’ve been in practice for 35 years. Believe me, I know that sexual addiction is real. I don’t need a DSM board to tell me whether it’s real or not. I’ve seen it in dozens and dozens of patients, and I brought them back to a balanced life. So let’s put aside the gender stereotypes, moral judgments, and cultural precedents that tell us that sexual addiction is not a clinical issue. It is.

That said: there’s no pill for it. There’s no patch for it. The triggers of sexual addiction relapse is so enticing because the average human is very much a sexual being already. Those with the addiction relapse because sexuality is ubiquitous for everyone, and it’s certainly not easy to avoid on a daily basis given its prevalence in the media either. It’s a harsh world for a sexual addict because of all the stimulants in the outside world; picture a recovering alcoholic rounding every street corner to see bunches of people drinking hard liquor in the streets.

How Can Hypnosis Help People with Sexual Addiction?

Hypnosis treats an opaquely problematic issue like sexual addiction right at the core. It gets to the subconscious brain, also referred to as the reptilian brain, and emotionally re-associates those instincts.

In the same way that someone who is addicted to chocolate gets an impulsive thrill at more and more chocolate, the sex addict gets a thrill from more and more intercourse. Almost by nature, that constant thrill-seeking quickly turns destructive. But when you change the impulse with hypnosis, you change the behavior. Folks, neuroplasticity continues to be the most effective treatment method for people with addictions. I can’t emphasize this enough.

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