Food Addiction and Weight Loss

Often we hear about food addiction and we conflate it with weight-loss, but did you know that some food addicts are skinny? Did you know that there are plenty of obese people who don’t suffer from food addiction?

Food addiction is when the eating of food has less and less to do with satiating hunger, and more to do with a compulsion to hoard and consume food to appease certain negative emotions. And yes, very few people are addicted to kale and carrot sticks because often sugary and salty junk foods trigger certain chemicals in the brain associated with pleasure. So food addiction and obesity go hand-in-hand a lot of the time, but it’s important to think of them as separately.

So much thinking about weight loss is curative, as opposed to the diagnostic and causal type of thinking that really benefits adjudicating those suffering with food addiction. A food addict who hides candy canes in drawers, closets, and suckles on them incessantly… that often signifies something deeper than the need to exercise more.

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