Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Simply put, weight loss has as much to do with your mental state as your physical one.

The hypnotherapy weight loss program tackles your weight issues at their root. It is designed to change a person’s entire relationship with food through hypnosis and cognitive therapy techniques. You will be eased towards your goal weight and given the power to exercise personal responsibility in your life, not forced to do what some anonymous book or TV show tells you is best.

The hypnosis approach is based on the science of ultra-metabolism, which takes into consideration an individual’s lifestyle, blood type, age and food choice. You decide the areas you want to lose weight in and we will help you sculpt your body accordingly.

An individualized diet-plan is created for each person, combining low glycemic index foods and protein foods with healthy fats that will accelerate weight loss but won’t leave you bored to tears at meal times.

Along with the diet you will be provided with a customized workout program to sculpt your body in the way YOU desire. The workout can be done at home  and will usually take less than 15 minutes to complete each day. Soon your metabolic rate will rise as you begin to lose weight.

To accelerate the weight loss process, we also offer natural supplements that are manufactured and verified by Gluck Solutions. For more information on the supplements, please click here.

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