Can A Person Get Stuck In Hypnosis?

There are some common questions that people ask me about hypnosis which I want you to understand right now. The first is, can a person actually get stuck in hypnosis? Which means, is it dangerous in any way or is it possible that they can’t come out of hypnosis?

The answer is that when a person is under hypnosis, they are simply in a state where their emotional brain and their rational brain have greater communication. And what happens is the level of susceptibility to new and more powerful information that will bring them to a higher degree of success that is the state that their brain is open to, regardless of what happens to the hypnotist. If he falls asleep, has a heart attack, drops dead, the person is perfectly safe and will wake up on their own within fifteen minutes.

All hypnosis can ever do is change the way you think and change your life. It’s not dangerous.

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