Can Hypnosis Cure Alcoholism?

I am Dr. Errol Gluck. I’m an executive life coach. I practice neuroplasticity which is clinical hypnosis and I’ve been doing it for over thirty seven years. One of the most common reasons why executives come to me as well as other people is for alcohol abuse.

Now there are four categories of alcohol abuse. One is the problem drinker. The problem drinker is simply someone who drinks too much and in the drinking too much they simply feel sluggish, tired, and very often will act inappropriately. There is no pattern to their drinking and they simply in their actions do not go beyond the scope of something they remember or can’t control.

Next, you have what is called the linear alcoholic. The linear alcoholic is a person that can have a drink or two, but once they pass a certain mark, it could be three or four, they go into full blown “I cannot stop and I will drink until I black out”.

This is where my specialty comes in. I am one of the few people in the entire country that can take a linear alcoholic and actually have them drink just one drink or two drinks a night and never go beyond a certain point.

Next, there is the acute alcoholic. The acute alcoholic is genetically alcoholic. Even if he or she has one drink, they will continue to drink until they either brown out or black out or something bad happens and it is progressive. In this case, hypnosis and coaching is used to eliminate drinking altogether.

I have and I make no excuses or bones about it – the best success rate in the country in all of these areas. If you have a problem with alcohol, I am the solution.

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4 thoughts on “Can Hypnosis Cure Alcoholism?

  1. Hello I was very interested with your video and approach !
    Please could you recommend any one in the UK with your skills.
    I am an acute alcoholic looking for a way to stop with out going to rehab .
    I go through stages of being sober but I binge and when I do its massive amounts and I fill I putting myself in danger and others so I just need to stop any help I would be truly grateful .Many thanks .

    • Hi Mandy!

      My apologies for getting back to you so late!! I know what acute alcoholism is like, and you are not alone my friend. I have a large pool of clients that have skype/video/phone sessions with me. Send me your contact and we can talk about our options. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Dr. G.

  2. My husband and I are interested in working with you together to beat our dependence on alcohol. We would like to have a program together because we feed on one another’s weaknesses but we also build on one another’s strengths. We would love to speak to you to see if you think you can help us and if so how much it would cost. Do you accept any insurance plans? Please call at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Becky

    • Hi Becky,

      So sorry to be responding so late. I’d love to meet with the both of you to go over your goals. Please send me your contact info and I will be in touch!

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