Can Hypnotherapy Cure Panic Attacks?

a man with a panic attackThe most petrifying aspect of anxiety is the panic attack. For those who don’t have panic attacks, it’s somewhat difficult to explain, but the easiest definition is that it’s an episode of intense fear that doesn’t reflect upon any outside stimulus.

The mental symptoms of a panic attack are increased worry, fear of death or loss of control, and obsessive thoughts. The physical symptoms of a panic attack include sweating, trembling, rapid heart-rate and hyperventilation. In other words, it’s no fun.

Luckily, one of the easiest things for hypnosis to treat is panic attacks. Because panic attacks are largely a thought disorder and because hypnosis is all about using the conscious mind to redirect the subconscious mind, the solution fits the problem like a puzzle.

Hypnosis won’t magically make the arrival of the panic attacks go away at first, but it will teach you how to respond to an oncoming panic attack. If you feel it coming, your brain will be hypnotically trained to diffuse the potency of the attack, and provide something of a neurological resilience.

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