Increase Emotional Intelligence Through Hypnosis

It’s a fact that hypnosis can raise your IQ score. Therapy improves both short and long term memory, along with your ability to focus and prioritize your activities.

But don’t forget that IQ isn’t the best measure of potential. Many people gain professional success without necessarily scoring high on standardized tests. Your EQ, or emotional intelligence quotient, is key. Besides, how meaningful is an excellent brain if you lack the self-confidence and emotional assurance to share and apply what you have?

Take a student with a high IQ who has every potential to do well in school. But due to some bad hang-ups, drug addictions, or a traumatic past he or she decides to flunk out. Meanwhile, someone else with less impressive scores but better emotional control manages to do the exact opposite. And get smarter.

Qualified job seekers face similar obstacles during their hunt: They have all the numbers down, but their body language and communication skills – and sometimes their bleak mindset – are keeping them out of work.
Through a combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching I can get you to appreciate the role EQ has in bettering your mind part and whole.

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