How Do You know If You Can Be Hypnotized?

So many people say to me, “how do I know if I could be hypnotized?” The greatest misconception is that they feel in order to be hypnotized you need not to be so smart. The exact opposite is true.

In 37 years I’ve never found a single person I could not put under hypnosis, except someone with severe autism. The bottom line is if your IQ is over 80, you could be hypnotized.

If you’re smart it is even better. Hypnosis, clinical hypnosis as opposed to stage hypnosis, is based upon the ability to have a high degree of intelligence to simply follow simple instructions. You do not have to be susceptible to following orders because everything that we do is based upon the unique dialogue that you and I have and therefore the session is set around you.

If you’re smart, a little bit smart, average, or a genius, I can hypnotize you.

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