Getting Past the Trance Part of Hypnosis

Hypnotizing WatchWhen people hear the word “trance,” they understandably worry a bit. Immediately, their minds jump to pictures of themselves walking like zombies, completely out of control. Who knows what can happen to us when we’re in a trance, right?

The truth is we are almost always in a trance. Whether we’re driving, watching a movie, surfing the web, or cooking, we are always in a subtle involuntary state of semi-consciousness. It’s more rare to be fully conscious than it is to be in a trance.

So, the first step would be to realize that even right now, you are in a miniature version of a trance. And while there might be some sinister types of trances meant to manipulate you (a sleazy hypnotist, a subliminal advertiser, and so on), hypnotic trances with an accredited clinical hypnotist is not the kind of trance to fear. This type of trance uses the power of a trance-like state to your advantage. In order to avoid the more nefarious trances, do your research and stay diligent.

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