The Truth About Erotic Hypnosis

erotic hypnosisNow that the title has got you reading, I want to talk about a facet of hypnosis that is often under-discussed.

There is a very slim portion of people who view hypnosis as a sexual fetish. Often under the faulty premise of hypnosis as mind-control (which I emphatically say here that it is not), hypnosis is used by fetishists as a mental parallel to physical BDSM. In much the same way bondage is physical control, recreational hypnosis can be used as a form of play mind control.

There are two disclaimers I’d like to make here:

  1. I do not condone unlicensed hypnotherapy as it can have very serious effects on people if misused, and
  2. There is a difference between hypnosis to treat sexual issues vs. erotic hypnosis to enhance sexual activity. I only practice the former, and remain intensely skeptical about safe usage of the latter.

While it is not innate to the field, there can be, under a skewed definition of hypnosis, a sexual undertone to it. In clinical hypnosis, there is a mental vulnerability with which the hypnotist uses to effect positive behavioral change. This power dynamic can be sexualized, as any power dynamic can be. However, there is no complete surrender that the hypnotist can manipulate and abuse.

Erotic hypnosis, however, under the guise of BDSM play seeks to find an either short-term or long-term surrender in one partner so that the other partner can sexually dominate that.

There are lighter, less involved, forms of erotic hypnosis in which the hypnosis is separate from the sex. That type of hypnosis usually involves overcoming phobias of certain sex-acts or assuming a submissive/dominant personality.

You might want to talk to a fetishist for more information. It’s not really my sexual scene. However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are suffering from sexual problems ranging from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or trouble having an orgasm, please call my office at (212) 599-3195. We will get you shooting more fluids than a water slide.

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