The Truth About Erotic Hypnosis

erotic hypnosisNow that the title has got you reading, I want to talk about a facet of hypnosis that is often under-discussed.

There is a very slim portion of people who view hypnosis as a sexual fetish. Often under the faulty premise of hypnosis as mind-control (which I emphatically say here that it is not), hypnosis is used by fetishists as a mental parallel to physical BDSM. In much the same way bondage is physical control, recreational hypnosis can be used as a form of play mind control.

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Divorce or Reconciliation? A Mediator’s Opinion on Saving Your Marriage

married couple in need of mediationA lot of married people who come to me for couple’s therapy are in a very ambiguous position: they are undecided as to whether they should try to fight for the marriage or if it would be more wise to divorce and start to improve their lives separately.

I have no bias towards one solution over the other. You can notice a mediator has a slight tinge of a bias toward maintaining marriage even if the two people in front of them are quite content on separating. As a mediator, I have no bias towards the sanctity of marriage or the adventure of a post-divorce life.

But let’s go back for a second. Notice what I just said. A lot of couples are undecided if they should try to fight for the relationship or not. What does that mean? It means that a lot of people come to me knowing a lot more about what they’re capable of accomplishing than they think.

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Do You Need Marriage or Relationship Counseling?

a couple in need of mediationIn a perfect world everyone would find their Prince (or Princess) Charming, true love would never fade, and everyone would live “Happily Ever After”. But, we all know that life isn’t a fairytale and that sometimes, even the most enviable relationships can run out of gas.

With the divorce rate as high as it is in this country it’s hard to imagine why people even bother getting married nowadays in the first place. But, we do and if it doesn’t go the way we planned, we need someone we can trust for an escape plan.

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