How Can Hypnosis Help Relieve Your Anxiety or Panic Attacks?

man suffering from anxietyYou can feel your heart racing as you repeatedly clench and unclench your numb, tingling hands. You try desperately to catch your breath and slow your heartbeat but nothing seems to calm you down. You place your hand on your pounding chest and tell yourself that you are fine, but you can’t shake the all-consuming feeling that something terrible is happening.

Sound familiar? If it rings a bell, than you may be one of the 6.8 million Americans who suffer from anxiety. Although it may not necessarily manifest itself as a panic attack such as the one described above, it is still an extremely debilitating, frustrating experience for those who fall victim to this disorder.

You may feel completely isolated as you try and comprehend why this is happening to you but you don’t have to fight this battle alone. Many may turn to prescription medications to try and combat their anxiety and although it provides a temporary solution, it does not get to the root of your problem. It merely provides a crutch that you become dependent upon. Talk therapy is also a common solution as well, however results can take anywhere from 6 months, to years depending upon your progress!

Hypnosis For Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you suffer from anxiety in any varying degree of severity, I urge you to consider hypnosis as a permanent, time efficient solution. With hypnosis you get lasting results after just a few sessions because it cuts straight to the core of the issue.

Neuroplasticity, the science behind hypnosis, physically changes the way your brain will associate certain information so, what once induced stress and anxiety will now leave you cool as a cucumber and level headed.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who suffer from anxiety. Don’t let it affect your life any more than it already has. Call my office and get help now!

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