Anxiety and Procrastination

man suffering from anxietySince everyone procrastinates it has become one of the most accepted faults in society.

No longer are procrastinators just unruly teenagers; geniuses procrastinate, businessmen and women procrastinate and, with these impending government spending cuts, our politicians most certainly procrastinate.How did this deficient personality trait become human nature almost overnight?

I don’t know the answer to that sociological question. All I know is that procrastination does not help anyone. It hinders mental calmness and clarity, making the challenges of life a lot more difficult than they need to be.

What once was a manageable series of tasks becomes an insurmountable pile of problems. In almost every way procrastination is ruinous. It gets in the way of healthy relationships, it skews the balance of work and fun, and the time spent procrastinating isn’t even relaxing in the first place!

Procrastination is rooted in anxiety. When we are faced with a task that we imagine will turn out a negatively we start to believe our often-faulty projection of a negative outcome, even obsessing over it. This leads to inaction as we seek to avoid the possible fear of confronting the unknown.

Similar to my older blog post on confidence, you can’t attack procrastination head on. No one knows what that means. But what you can grapple with is the underlying causes of procrastination: the utmost one being anxiety. Anxiety is not a chattering, hectic nervousness. It is often unseen and subtle.

Call my office, and we’ll get you taken care of your anxiety based procrastination.

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